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The Best Man Holiday

ExistiMetric™: 622

When college friends reunite after 15 years over the Christmas holidays, they will discover just how easy it is for long-forgotten rivalries and romances to be ignited.   

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60 Other Reviews
  • James Berardinelli 
    James Berardinelli Refuses to Be Manipulated in “The Best Man Holiday”
  • Kofi Outlaw 
    Kofi Outlaw’s “Best Man Holiday” Stays Upright Despite Some Bumps
  • Kate Erbland 
    Kate Erbland’s “The Best Man Holiday” Freshens Things Up Nicely
  • Ann Hornaday 
    Ann Hornaday’s “Romp and Shameless Tearjerker” Is a Mind Bender
  • Roger Moore 
    Roger Moore’s “The Best Man Holiday” Comes Off as Fair and Sincere
  • Linda Cook 
    Linda Cook’s “Sequel Feels True to Life” Is a Light Holiday Treat
  • Geoff Pevere 
    Geoff Pevere’s “Rich and Beautiful Celebrate Christmas” Is Worth a Chuckle
  • Mark Kermode 
    Mark Kermode Keeps Things Interesting in His Brief “Belated Follow-Up”
  • Mick LaSalle 
    Mick LaSalle’s Thoughtful “‘The Best Man…” Gives Just Enough to Be Good
  • Jeffrey Lyles 
    Jeffrey Lyles Doesn’t Bowl You Over With “The Best Man Holiday”
  • Colin Covert 
    Colin Covert Doesn’t Mince Words in “‘Best Man Holiday”
  • Alonso Duralde 
    Alonso Duralde’s “Yuletide Sequel” Causes a Chuckle Now and Then
  • Odie Henderson 
    Odie Henderson’s “The Best Man Holiday” Defines ‘Too Long’
  • S. Jhoanna Robledo 
    S. Jhoanna Robledo’s “The Best Man Holiday” Is Short and Smart
  • Sam Adams 
    Sam Adams Consolidates His Thoughts Nicely in “The Best Man Holiday”
  • Josh Bell 
    Josh Bell’s “Disappointing, Belated Sequel” Isn’t Up for Big-Time Analysis
  • Michael Dequina 
    Michael Dequina’s “The Best Man Holiday” Takes Itself Way Too Seriously
  • Mike McCahill 
    Mike McCahill’s Quips Are a Welcome Surprise in “Detached From Reality”
  • John Wirt 
    John Wirt’s “Mixed Blessing” Could Have Mixed in Less Plot
  • Chris Hewitt (St. Paul) 
    Chris Hewitt’s “‘The Best Man Holiday’” Is Honest and Philosophical
  • Bill Gibron 
    Bill Gibron’s “The Best Man Holiday” Sends Out Mixed Messages
  • Mack Bates 
    Take Away the Plot and Not Much Is Left to Mack Bates’s “Engaging Reunion”
  • William Goss 
    William Goss’ “Together Again (Again)” Is a Smooth, Smart Read
  • Kam Williams 
    Less Plot Description Would Have Helped Kam Williams’s “Best Man Holiday”
  • Stephen Farber 
    Stephen Farber’s “The Best Man Holiday” Guides Through Ups and Downs
  • Katey Rich 
    Katey Rich’s “The Best Man Holiday” Relishes Too Much in Spoiler Clues
  • Tara Brady 
    Tara Brady’s “The Best Man Holiday” Is Sharp-Witted Fun
  • Soren Anderson 
    Soren Anderson Keeps Things Light in “The Best Man Holiday”
  • Mike Scott 
    Mike Scott Employs a Clever Metaphor in “‘Best Man Holiday’”
  • Sean O'Connell 
    Avoid the Spoiler First Paragraph of Sean O’Connell’s “Best Man Holiday”
  • Brian Orndorf 
    Brian Orndorf Is All Over the Map in “The Best Man Holiday”
  • Stephanie Zacharek 
    Stephanie Zacharek’s “Part Movie, Part Soap Opera” Is a Breath of Fresh Air
  • Wesley Morris 
    Wesley Morris’s “Best Man Holiday” Loses Its Bite After a Strong Start
  • Susan Granger 
    Susan Granger’s “The Best Man Holiday” Passes the Time With Plot
  • Dann Gire 
    Dann Gire’s “Flawed but Functional Character” Thinks It’s Cute
  • Tim Evans 
    Tim Evans’s “The Best Man Holiday” Lacks Any Real Umph
  • Jon Niccum 
    Jon Niccum’s Funny “‘The Best Man…” Perfectly Shows His Disappointment
  • Frank Swietek 
    Frank Swietek’s Sharp Pen in “The Best Man Holiday” Leaves a Sour Taste
  • Nathan Rabin 
    Nathan Rabin’s “The Best Man Holiday” Is Verbose but Mildly Entertaining
  • Jackie K. Cooper 
    Jackie K. Cooper’s “‘The Best Man Holiday’” Is Warm and Inviting
  • Charlotte O'Sullivan 
    Charlotte O’Sullivan’s “The Best Man Holiday” Sacrifices Substance
  • Willie Waffle 
    Not Too Much Thought Has Gone Into Willie Waffle’s “Yuletide Happiness”
  • Jeffrey M. Anderson 
    Jeffrey M. Anderson Revels in Being a Spoiler in “Festive Friends”
  • Kirk Honeycutt 
    Kirk Honeycutt’s “‘The Best Man Holiday’” Has Personality & Punch
  • Linda Barnard 
    Linda Barnard’s Alright “The Best Man…” Doesn’t Explain 2 Stars
  • Mark Ellis 
    Mark Ellis’s “Best Man Holiday Review” Is Imperfect but Intelligent
  • Wilson Morales 
    Errors Worsen Wilson Morales’s Clunky “The Best Man Holiday”
  • Pete Vonder Haar 
    Pete Vonder Haar’s “The Best Man Holiday” Is Rip-Roaring Fun
  • Chris Bumbray 
    Chris Bumbray Has an Original Take in “The Best Man Holiday”
  • Matt Donato 
    Matt Donato’s “The Best Man Holiday” Lays One Rotten Egg After Another
  • David Noh 
    David Noh Takes Pleasure in Being the Spoiler in “The Best Man Holiday”
  • Randy Cordova 
    Randy Cordova’s List of Nice Things “‘The Best Man…” Doesn’t Convince
  • Tim Brayton 
    Tim Brayton Shows Pointed Personality in “GANG BACK TOGETHER”
  • Elizabeth Weitzman 
    Elizabeth Weitzman’s Vignetting “The Best Man…” Is an Empty Compliment
  • Bilge Ebiri 
    Bilge Ebiri’s “The Best Man Holiday” Is Tasteful & Intelligent
  • Henry Fitzherbert 
    Hebry Fitzherbert’s “The Best Man Holiday” Hardly Seems Worth It
  • Witney Seibold 
    Witney Seibold Is Two-Faced in Contradictory “Yank With a Mighty Furor”
  • Stephen Silver 
    Stephen Silver’s “The Best Man Holiday” Sticks to Its Guns
  • Tom Long 
    Tom Long Has a Sharp Tongue but Blabs in “‘Best’”
  • Drew Taylor 
    Drew Taylor’s “The Book Thief” Is Flawed but Fair