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Blue Is The Warmest Color

ExistiMetric™: 806

The story of a young lesbian couple’s beginning, middle and possible end.   

124 Rated Reviews

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  • Tim Grierson 
    Tom Grierson’s “Blue Is the Warmest Color” Is Rich and Vibrant
  • Tim Robey 
    Tim Robey’s “Unmissable-if at Times Explicit” Stands Out Among the Rest
  • Dana Stevens 
    Dana Stevens’ “Intimate Love Scenes” Is Warm and Affectionate
  • Peter Travers 
    Peter Travers’s Prose Grabs Hold in “Blue Is the Warmest Color”
  • Matt Prigge 
    Matt Prigge’s “More Than Hot Sex” Teases and Refreshes
  • Rob Thomas 
    Rob Thomas Evokes Refreshing Honesty in “Flaws and All”
  • Steven Rea 
    Steven Rea Livens Things Up in “Exhilarating Story of Lesbian Love”
  • Mike McGranaghan 
    Mike McGranaghan’s “Blue Is…” Is Thoughtful and Enlightening
  • Jonathan Romney 
    Jonathan Romney’s “Adele: Chapters 1 & 2” Is Emotionally Satisfying
  • Shaun Munro 
    Shaun Munro’s “Raw Romance” Brings Insight and Warmth to the Proceedings
  • David Edelstein 
    David Edelstein’s “Paris Is Burning” Is Such a Pleasure to Read
  • David Jenkins 
    Jenkins’s “Blue Is the Warmest Colour—€“ Review” Is Elegant and Artful
  • Richard Corliss 
    Richard Corliss’s “Blue Is…” Is More Than Just a Review
  • Tom Long 
    Tom Long’s Smart “Spectrum of Romance” Wisely Does Not Oversell
  • Andrew O'Hehir 
    Andrew O’Hehir’s Long “Beyond the Sex” Manages to Be Compelling and Fun
  • Kyle Smith 
    Kyle Smith’s “Magnetic Performance” Is Appreciated for Its Bluntness
  • Joe Morgenstern 
    Joe Morgenstern’s Brave “Blue Is the Warmest Color” Pulls No Punches
  • Donald Clarke 
    Donald Clarke’s “Blue Is…” Sneaks Up on You in a Good Way
  • Mick LaSalle 
    Mick LaSalle’s “A Masterpiece” Comes Off as Downright Giddy
  • Chris Bumbray 
    Chris Bumbray’s “Blue Is…” Takes the Reader on a Thoughtful Journey
  • Jessica Kiang 
    Jessica Kiang Enthralls With Her Observation and Insight in “Sublime Story”
  • Jon Frosch 
    Jon Frosch’s Gentle “Blue Is the Warmest Color” Engages Throughout
  • Emma Simmonds 
    Emma Simmonds’s “Blue Is…” Makes Good Points Without Any Fuss
  • Eric Kohn 
    Eric Kohn’s “Lesbian Coming-of-Age Epic” Flows Nicely Throughout
  • Guy Lodge 
    Guy Lodge Does a Nice Job With His “Blue Is the Warmest Colour”
  • Anders Wright 
    Anders Wright’s Speaks From the Heart in “Much More Than Sex”
  • Nick Rogers 
    Nothing Remains Untouched in Nick Rogers’s Interesting “Blue Is…”
  • Eric D. Snider 
    Eric Snider Makes His Points in “Blue Is…” With a Glint in His Eye
  • Peter Rainer 
    Peter Rainer’s “Remarkable but Exasperating” Is Tight and Effective
  • William Bibbiani 
    William Bibiani’s Prosaic “Review: Blue Is…” Beautifully Channels Pathos
  • Scott Tobias 
    It’s Too Easy to Get Lost in Scott Tobias’ Still Fine “Blue Is…”
  • Rich Cline 
    Rich Cline’s “Blue Is the Warmest Color” Doesn’t Overdo Its Analysis
  • Dom Mill 
    Dom Mill’s Poetic “Blue Is The…” Gratifies Every Movie-Going Expectation
  • Josh Larsen 
    Josh Larsen’s “Blue Is the Warmest Color” Is Freshly Provocative
  • John Serba 
    John Serba’s “Exarchopoulos Is Extraordinary” Seems to Run Out of Space
  • Jordan Mintzer 
    Jordan Mintzer’s Detailed “Love, Loss, and Class” Grabs the Reader
  • John Wirt 
    John Wirt’s “Glowing Performance” Offers a Different Take
  • Simon Foster 
    Simon Foster’s “Blue Is the Warmest Color” Is Dry but Effective
  • Peter Canavese 
    Peter Canavese’s “Blue Is the Warmest Color” Offers Solid Analysis
  • Ryan Gilbey 
    Ryan Gilbey’s “Intimate Look at Lesbian Love” Is at Times Mildly Amusing
  • Steve Persall 
    Steve Persall’s Lets All His Disgust Hang Out in “Blue Is…”
  • Kent Turner 
    Kent Turner’s “Blue Is…” Struggles to Stay on Track
  • Joanna Langfield 
    Joanna Langfield’s “Blue Is…” Is Startling and Provocative
  • Susan G. Cole 
    The End of Susan Cole’s Tight “Blue Is…” Includes a Cheap Shot
  • Carla Meyer 
    Carla Meyer’s “It’s All About the Love” Makes Some Good Connections
  • Leah Greenblatt 
    Leah Greenblatt’s “Blue Is…” Struggles at First Before Findings Its Way
  • Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat 
    Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat’s “Blue Is…” Wastes Time With Plot
  • Drew Hunt 
    Drew Hunt’s Terse “Blue Is…” Takes Its Own Fierce Stance
  • Graham Young 
    Graham Young’s “Packed With Excellent Performances” Keeps It Lean
  • Charlotte O'Sullivan 
    Charlotte O’Sullivan’s “Blue Is the Warmest Color” Is Amusing and Unique
  • Jeffrey M. Anderson 
    Jeffrey M. Anderson’s “Blue Is the Warmest Color” Wanders a Bit
  • Chris Barsanti 
    Chris Barsanti’s Grumpy “Blue Is the Warmest Color” Is One Big Harumph
  • Travis Hopson 
    Travis Hopson Is More Interested in Placing Blame in “Blue Is…”
  • Elizabeth Weitzman 
    Elizabeth Weitzman’s “Blue Is…” Comes Off as Overly Sardonic
  • Stephen Silver 
    Stephen Silver’s “Blue Is…” Ranges From Pleasant to Silly
  • Kristin M. Jones 
    Kristin M. Jones’s Spoiler Ending Ruins a Wonderful “Blue Is…”
  • Marc Mohan 
    Marc Mohan’s Smug “Explicit Sex Scene Detracts” Is All About the Sex
  • A.A. Dowd 
    A. A. Dowd’s Pleasant “Blue Is The…” Warmly, Explores Film’s Depths
  • Barbara Scharres 
    Barbara Scharres’s “Blue Is the Warmest Color” Is an Informative Read
  • Antonia Quirke 
    Antonia Quirke’s “How Love Feels” Does Not Dig Deep
  • John Beifuss 
    John Beifuss’s “Tangled Up in ‘Blue’” Excels in Ostentatiouness
  • Bill Goodykoontz 
    Bill Goodykoontz’s “Blue Is the Warmest Color” Sparkles Without Shining
  • Ed Gonzalez 
    Ed Gonzalez’s Beautiful, Complex “Blue Is The…” Still Spoils
  • Philip Martin 
    Philip Martin’s Overlong “Blue Is…” Is Good for a Laugh or Two
  • Keith Uhlich 
    Keith Uhlich’s “Blue Is…” Comes Off as Rather High-Falutin’
  • Nathalie Atkinson 
    Nathalie Atkinson’s “Women in Love” Gives Too Much Away
  • Tony Macklin 
    It’s Hard to Figure Out What Tony Macklin Is Trying to Say in “Blue Is…”
  • Stella Papamichael 
    Stella Papamichael’s “Exarchopoulos Is Simpply Stunning” Shines Throughout
  • Kimberley Jones 
    Kimberley Jones’s Well-Written “Blue Is The…” Yearns to Be Longer
  • David Noh 
    David Noh Presents His “Blue Is the Warmest…” as if It’s a Term Paper
  • Avi Offer 
    Avi Offer’s Crisp “Blue Is The…” Perfectly Works How Reviews Should
  • Peter Howell 
    Peter Howell’s Perceptive “Blue Is The…” Prods All the Right Spots
  • Mark Kermode 
    Mark Kermode’s “Blue Is the Warmest Color” Is Boring but Short
  • Ian Freer 
    Watch Out for the Spoiler Climax in Ian Freer’s“Blue Is the Warmest Color”
  • Ann Hornaday 
    Ann Homaday’s Slightly Interesting “‘Blue Is The…” Inevitably Fumbles
  • Jordan Hoffman 
    Jordan Hoffman’s Emotive “Review: ‘Blue Is…” Pretends to Be Good
  • John Anderson 
    John Anderson’s “‘Blue Is…” Grazes Over a Potentially Good Discussion
  • Austin Kennedy 
    Austin Kennedy’s “Blue Is…” Rambles and Gets Way Too Personal
  • Anna Rodgers 
    A Spoiler Mars Anna Rogers’s Otherwise Fine “Blue Is the Warmest Color”
  • Brian Orndorf 
    Brian Orndorf’s Ruthless “Blue Is The…” Is an Admirable Diatribe
  • David Edwards 
    David Edwards’s “Involving Story” Is Rushed and Non-Involving
  • Robert Levin 
    Robert Levin’s Meager “Movie Review: Blue…” Is Barely on-Topic
  • Craig Skinner 
    Craig Skinner’s High Aim “Cannes 2013: Blue…” Sadly Falls Flat
  • Matthew Turner 
    Matthew Turner’s “Blue Is the Warmest Color” Gives Away Too Much
  • Mark Dujsik 
    Navigating Mark Dujsik’s “Blue Is…” Is Like Navigating a Fog
  • Justin Chang 
    Justin Chang’s Pleasant “Cannes Film…” Still Misses the Bigger Picture
  • Stephanie Zacharek 
    Stephanie Zacharek’s Well-Intentioned “Sex and Passion…” Ultimately Fails
  • Katherine Monk 
    Katherine Monk’s Disappointing “Movie Review: Blue…” Only Examines Sex
  • James Berardinelli 
    James Berardinelli’s Impassioned Pop-Up Prone “Blue Is The…” Succeeds
  • Liam Lacey 
    Liam Lacey’s Spoiler-Ridden “Audacious Look at First Love” Tries Too Hard
  • Alonso Duralde 
    Alonso Duralde’s Lightweight “Blue Is…” Leaves No Room for Rumination
  • Chris Hewitt (St. Paul) 
    Chris Hewitt’s “Blue Indeed” Is Petty While Lacking Substance
  • T'Cha Dunlevy 
    T’Cha Dunlevy’s “Review: Blue Is…” Stays Unspecial and Unneccessary
  • John Nugent 
    John Nugent’s “Blue Is the Warmest Color” Has Very Little to Say
  • Clint O'Connor 
    Clint O’Connor’s “‘Blue Is The…” Fails to Be More Than Summary
  • Matt Pais 
    Matt Pais’s “Four Star ‘Blue…” Chooses Controversy Over Contemplation
  • Bill Gibron 
    Bill Gibron’s “‘Blue’ Is the Dullest Color” Turns Quickly to Babbling
  • Joe Gross 
    Joe Gross’s “Most Shades” Starts With a Good Laugh Then Loses Momentum
  • Peter Bradshaw 
    Peter Bradshaw’s Earnest “Cannes 2013: Blue…” Ultimately, Plainly Bores
  • Manohla Dargis 
    Manohla Dargis’s “Jostling for Position…” Barely Contains Its Own Onanism
  • MaryAnn Johanson 
    Mary Ann Johanson’s “Blue Is the Warmest Color” Is Crude and Vicious
  • Ken Hanke 
    Ken Hanke Wimps Out in “Blue Is the Warmest Color”
  • James Verniere 
    James Verniere’s “Warmest Color” Suffers From Split Personality
  • Roger Moore 
    Roger Moore’s Sporadic “Movie Review: ‘Blue. .” Borders on Boring