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Richard Cline’s “The World’s End Movie Review” Is Functional

In response to Rich Cline’s 402‑word review of The World's End on

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Rich Cline’s “The World’s End Movie Review” has enthusiasm to spare, but is a gentle addition to the world of reviews. Polite, courteous, and well meaning, Cline’s review rolls through the necessary review steps and hits all the targets and then stops. In short, it’s a testament to the law of averages.  

Are there gaps of logic, poor analytics, or biases miring the review? No. The review is akin to a pleasant ride with family, where everyone tries to be polite, and Dad tries to be hip with a few bold jokes with modern references. There’s nothing wrong.  

And that’s the problem.  

End Movie Review delivers exactly what is promised, with energy and gusto, but Cline’s reach never exceeds his grasp. Cline’s review is the safe choice in the world of reviews. Vanilla always satisfies, after all. But it is hard to imagine Cline’s words, ideas, and conceptual follow-through sticking to the brain with much strength. Cline enjoyed the film, tells you why, and enjoys the telling.  

Reviews of this nature are the norm, of course. Cline’s work is for those who want the plain facts told to them in a pleasant tone so they can make up their mind. And that’s it. Period.    

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