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Matthew Razak’s “Review: ’Gravity’” Is Yawningly Long

In response to Matthew Razak’s 1086‑word review of Gravity on

By Marcus Julianus, Associate Critic

Matthew Razak’s “Review: ‘Gravity: ’ Do not wait to rent this” is a heavy review that doesn’t go very deep. Razak tells you, the reader, about thirty times, to watch the film in 3D in a movie theater, and his use of second-person voice feels more like the words of an intoxicated preacher than a reasonable film critic.

Do not wait is errant in its ecstatic plot summary. It’s a lot of gloriously described tidbits, yet somehow very little substance. While Razak compares Gravity to the Mona Lisa and the works of Mozart, his own work never comes close to the artistry he generically tries to describe. His assertions are so frivolous that the reader not only feels disengaged from the review, but disengaged from the meaning of the movie as well.

For all of Razak’s praises for Gravity, he seems to utilize it to create a template for what not to do in a movie review. His style is almost a parody of film reviews as he painfully tries to portray a crisp, beautiful, and complex style, unsuccessfully.

By the end of the review, most readers will perceive Razak’s words as the literary equivalents of self-induced whines, which may in turn induce readers to scream. Based on the grammar mistake in the final sentence, it’s obvious that Razak is tired of his words too.    

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Marcus Julianus was born and raised in Byzantium, where he spent his youth herding goats and making cheese. As a gatekeeper of the review world, Marcus offers his background in poetry and drama to opine on the work of the film critics.