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T’cha Dunlevy’s “Review: Prisoners” Remains Contently Confined

In response to T'Cha Dunlevy’s 493‑word review of Prisoners on Montreal Gazette

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In this review written by T’cha Dunlevy entitled “Review: Prisoners-Villeneuve blockbuster is a twisted thriller, perfectly told” the reader is given an average experience. With the start of the review, Dunlevy lays obvious foundation for positive appraisal of the film by introducing the director, Villeneuve, as an Oscar nominated professional. With this introduction, and the combination of the title including the word “perfectly,” the reader does not have to guess where the reviewer stands.

Dunlevy surprises readers by avoiding a direct launch into immediate praising of the film directly after the introduction. Instead the reviewer moves more slowly into their opinion by describing the plot of the film in extreme detail.

Over seventy five percent of the review is filled with plot summary and little analysis. With the conclusion of the review, the positive affirmations of the film come billowing forth. From compliments of the score, the actors, and of course, the director.

This review is informative but predictable. The presentation of the overall article was unimpressive, with the website splattered with undesired ads distracting from the writing.

Dunlevy can amply write and the opinions given are backed with (however biased) appropriate analysis, that can be found in many other reviews of the same film. This reviewer has created the normal. It won’t dazzle, but it will give you ample plot summary with a tiny bit of extra.    

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