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David Kaplan’s “Our Review: Prisoners” Is Double-Blah

In response to David Kaplan’s 987‑word review of Prisoners on Kaplan vs. Kaplan

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David Kaplan’s “Our Review: Prisoners” is incredibly redundant and boring. The format includes Mr. and Mrs. Kaplan’s review together, for a so-called his vs. her perspective.

The reader may feel excitement at first, unwittingly thinking that this review is going to offer something interesting. This is not the case however, since both reviewers agree that Prisoners should be watched now.  Without a central conflict, the review deflates, spinning into redundant repetition.

Mrs. Kaplan offers basic plot summary; Mr. Kaplan offers basic plot summary. Mrs. Kaplan provides a rundown of the characters; Mr. Kaplan provides a rundown of the characters. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

While their opinion is palpable and believable, it is not insightful and does not offer anything more than cursory information to the reader.

Mrs. Kaplan has a few issues with writing style. Her sentence structures and conjunctive word use resemble that of a very accomplished 9th grader. Mr. Kaplan is a far better and more engaging writer than his wife, but the content of the two reviews is way too similar.

Reader be warned: if you read this review, you will be reading it twice, and after you’ve read it twice, you will wind-up at a singular, unimpressive opinion. The Kaplans have no business taking up so many words to reveal one mind, and the reader would be very wise not to waste any time reading this one.    

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