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Bob Bloom’s “… Tight, Tense ‘Prisoners’” Is Exceptional

In response to Bob Bloom’s 440‑word review of Prisoners on Journal and Courier (Lafayette, IN)

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Bob Bloom’s “Bloom: No frame wasted in tight, tense ‘Prisoners’” does everything that a good review should do: avoids spoilers, gives quality opinion, presents well, and does all of that with an excellent, writing style that doesn’t linger around in dubious analysis.

Bloom begins his review with an insightful, straight-forward metaphor. He continues by engaging the reader with useful information. At every step, Bloom provides realistic viewpoints that parcel out intriguing thematic clues in enjoyable fashion. The review offers rich character descriptions and pertinent plot pieces, rewarding readers for their time and consideration without ever spoiling the potential movie-watching experience.

Bloom also discloses one of the negative aspects of the film, thereby adequately balancing his positive opinion of Prisoners without Hollywood fluff. He never wastes words, and by the end of the review, the reader feels invested enough to go to a local theater and watch Prisoners for a number of compelling reasons.

Readers will find the review presented in wide, readable font, alongside a great Prisoners trailer and picture. The website has multiple advertisements, but they aren’t of the flashing, distracting kind.

This review makes an uncompromising finale, and overall, it is an exceptional review that will not disappoint readers.    

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