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Lehmann’s “I Give It a Year: Film Review” Should Be Avoided

In response to Megan Lehmann’s 647‑word review of I Give It a Year on Hollywood Reporter

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Megan Lehmann’s review “I Give It a Year: Film Review” offers slivers of actual critique, and enough filler material to provide padding for a ship full of antique glass.

The first paragraph brings ill omens as Lehmann is already predicting how well the film will perform in the box office and overseas. With such banality being introduced at the outset, it is safe to assume that it only goes downhill from here.

The second paragraph begins and we are treated to even more awkwardly worded exposition, but this time it’s about the director of the film. Apparently this lemon of a review takes a few kicks to the engine before it starts actually running.

Aside from the inordinate amount of time spent setting up the actual critique; much of the review acts like a filmography for many of the key players. This once again showcases Lehmann’s inability to stay on task and actually review the film.

By the time you reach the actual conclusion you will be annoyed, and once you read the conclusion you will be even more frustrated. Especially considering that the better part of the article lauded the performances and direction.

If you like confusingly written, ambivalent reviews with plenty of culinary-based adjectives such as: tart, deliciously, hearty, and salty, then this review was more than likely tailor-made for you. If what was just described sounds horrendous to you A) Welcome to the club B) Go find a better review, as this one should be avoided like spoiled milk.    

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