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“Prisoners” by Nell Minow Is a Necessity for Parents

In response to Nell Minow’s 499‑word review of Prisoners on Beliefnet

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The moviemom, Nell Minow, is back at again with her latest “Prisoners”, a solid and well-written work that will be of tremendous value for her audience.

Minow starts strong with her eight categories for parents to ponder before the cinematic tale begins. The gentle words of each box will find their way into the inquisitive mind of parents, however it must be noted that some may scowl and back away from a film at the center of this story. It’s a risk Minow is willing to take, however, and one can only applaud her for it.

In the breathtaking first paragraph, Minow proves that her cinematic knowledge is on par with the best of her generation, and swiftly rides into the vast land of cinema pioneers.

The reader will smile with curiosity when reading Minow’s insighful comments on the direction of the film, and what exactly it takes to master the elusive film techniques that can make or break a theater-going experience.  

“Prisoners” is an adult piece of work that comments brilliantly on social issues of today and what the film means for parents. Nell Minow writes with style and skill.  Her ambitions are certainly unique, which may limit her audience, but she accomplishes the goals that she has set for herself brilliantly.    

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