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Henry Fitzherbert’s “Prisoners” Is the Inception-Limbo-Level of Reviews

In response to Henry Fitzherbert’s 187‑word review of Prisoners on Daily Express

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Henry Fitzherbert offers the reader a fine visual presentation in “Prisoners: review and trailer”, however one may feels as if they are in a horrible review dream, and sinking deeper and deeper into limbo.

Despite the catchy appearance, the critic’s offering to the reader is nothing short of soul shattering. The loyal readers of Fitzherbert will be devastated with his latest work.

Review and trailer opens with a decent question to the reader. It’s a fine start for Fitzherbert, however the critic follow up the statement with three extremely brief paragraphs of plot summary that do little to provide answers.

The problem with review and trailer is that one may be able to look at the movie poster and deduce a better description. Fitzherbert says almost nothing about the film, and the final paragraph does little to redeem the review.  

It’s not entirely apparent what Fitzherbert is trying to accomplish in review and trailer. The 191-words briefly touch on aspect that Fitzherbert found enjoyable, but fails to expand on his thoughts.

Fitzherbert states near the end that “The picture is horribly tense and brilliantly plotted with a nail-biting finale”. When one reads these uninspired words they may feel that the critic described the general idea of movie thriller to them without actually explaining the movie.

Review and trailer is a nightmare of a review. Please find your totem to make sure you are awake.    

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