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Charlotte O’Sullivan “Prisoners—Film Review” a Guardian Against Spoilers

In response to Charlotte O'Sullivan’s 426‑word review of Prisoners on This is London

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In “Prisoners—film review,” by Charlotte O’Sullivan, readers are confronted with a guardian of the plot. A much appreciated O’Sullivan gives readers the perfect amount of summary, analysis, and protection against those hated spoilers. This reviewer understands what it means to keep a cinematic secret and writes without the often insatiable need to ruin the climax.

In several instances, O’Sullivan even introduces a section of her review as the bare essentials of what you need to know without ruining the film. What a fortunate find in a review!

O’Sullivan concludes the review by giving broad generalizations about the end result of the film, leaving readers informed and yet curious as to what could be meant by this analysis. The combination creates a refreshing interest in the film itself and begs the readers to become viewers themselves.  

The presentation of this review is aesthetically pleasing.  Book-ended with a picture in the beginning and a trailer at the conclusion, the reader is guided throughout this review quite effortlessly. The ads alongside of the review are rather encroaching, seeming to inch over into the words themselves, proving to be rather distracting. There still remains an appropriate space between them however, making focus on the review not entirely unmanageable.

Overall, this review respects the readers ability to experience the surprises of the film themselves, navigating appropriately around major plot events and providing ample amount of analysis.    

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