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Maytum’s “The World’s End” Is a Classic Work of Beauty

In response to Matt Maytum’s 513‑word review of The World's End on Total Film

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Matt Maytum is a modern master. His “The World’s End” is a  fresh, exciting read that makes one want to see The World’s End over and over again. The review is engaging from the start, strays from revealing spoilers and lets the reader know that the main character Gary King is indeed a likable character (an idea lost on some other critics) despite his shortcomings.

Maytum addresses the concept of the “Cornetto Trilogy”, but doesn’t linger in the idea of comparing the films as The World’s End has clearly set itself apart from the predecessors. The author focuses on noting that one can almost forget that this is a genre film after the first half of continuous laughs. Maytum’s insight is piercing and goes straight for the literary kill.

Just like the film, Maytum knows how to bring the laughs and composes each sentence with precision and mastery. His captivating style forces one to think beyond the common review, and look deeper into what is possible.

He gloriously states what makes the film unique, but also takes director Edgar Wright to task for the seemingly never-ending pub crawl across twelve bars. Maytum succeeds in letting the reader know exactly why the film is worth seeing, notes its flaws and closes out his review with elegance and style.    

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