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“Review: The World’s End” by JimmyO Is Dizzying and Entirely Unfitting

In response to JimmyO’s 997‑word review of The World's End on JoBlo's Movie Emporium

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JimmyO’s “Review: The World’s End” is not a movie review of The World’s End. While it deceptively begins with a brief plot summary, it quickly and grievously falls into a mind-boggingly failed attempt to address the movie in question. Instead, he compares and contrasts it to a set of unrelated movies created by a different director that effectively serves no purpose for the reader wanting to read a review about The World’s End. It’s painfully obvious this reviewer is unnaturally obsessed with other films.

JimmyO offers a lengthy, unsatisfying, and post-modern-ish interpretation of the characters in The World’s End, which doesn’t constitute plot-spoiling, but certainly spoils part of the context and character development for the movie watcher. Wading through the introspective goo of this review is tantamount to watching the film through the lens of an egotist.

JimmyO’s review gives the sneaky vibe of being decent in style and grammar, but the longer the review is read, the more his slimy over-use of adverbs becomes both confusing and ridiculous. The concepts presented in this review are also heavy-handed, seemingly meant to impress only the reviewer’s closest peers.

Standard advertisements adorn the review page, but this review is anything but standard—it is slow, pointless, and overall—sub-par. Reading past the plot summary of this review is an utter waste of time.    

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