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Brayton’s Review of the World’s End “Not With a Whimper, but a Bang” Is Good if Not Ponderous

In response to Tim Brayton’s 1328‑word review of The World's End on Antagony & Ecstasy

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Tim Braytons review of The World’s End, “NOT WITH A WHIMPER, BUT A BANG” is a meandering read that at its centerpiece examines the film in the context of Edgar Wright’s trilogy. While the review is excellent at points it does overstay its welcome.

The word count in this review is too damn high, the meme quota for this review has been met so we can continue without any further interruptions. In a world where Twitter is viewed by some as a legitimate source for news, Tim Brayton’s review is a dinosaur, a vestige of a bygone era slowly losing a battle to time.

But like dinosaurs, these types of reviews are generally awesome and WHIMPER is no exception. Our reviewer takes a submarine far below the surface of the movie’s subtext, into the very heart of the picture. What he emerges with is essentially a review that is able to fully analyze the thematic content of the work.

Once one gets past the length, there isn’t any part of the review that doesn’t work. Brayton’s thorough review is a treat for those who have the time to read through it and handsomely rewards those who surrender to its epic scope. Those pressed for time, or with tweet-sized attention spans, may skip this for a more superficial review. It will be their loss. “NOT WITH A WHIMPER, BUT A BANG” is well thought out, well written, and powerful.    

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