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Mike Scott’s “‘The World’s End’ Movie Review” Nails It

In response to Mike Scott’s 1091‑word review of The World's End on Times-Picayune

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Mike Scott’s “‘The World’s End’ movie review: Madcap action-comedy a fitting end to English trilogy” takes a long path to satisfying the reader. If it is not a pop-up ad, the first thing that strikes the reader upon viewing Scott’s work is its length.

Weighing in at over one thousand words, one might incorrectly assume the review is not worth the time to read it. Yet, Scott seamlessly drifts between comparisons to previous movies by the same actors/director and clever literary allusions, keeping the reader engaged.

Still, there may be some consumers of reviews who refuse to partake in the lengthier critiques. To this, Scott answers with masterful video and “too long; didn’t read” versions of his review making his work accessible to those of all temperaments.

The most poignant moments in the critic’s effort are when he ties the film’s themes to society’s current trials and tribulations. Where others are tedious and trite, Scott is so fresh and so clean giving the reader a deeper understanding of what he seeks to convey.

So, to those who say all great works of review must be concise, Madcap Action-Comedy offers the ultimate retort. It is one of those reviews that stays with the reader for years to come.    

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