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Chris Sawin’s “A Blank With Pronoun Trouble” Is Too Focused on Trilogy

In response to Chris Sawin’s 719‑word review of The World's End on

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Chris Sawin’s “‘The World’s End’ review: A Blank with pronoun trouble” is a mostly competent take on The World’s End that can’t separate the film from its place in Edgar Wright’s loose trilogy.

Sawin is preoccupied with making sure that each of the major players are properly listed, categorized, and credited, which leads to a heavy amount of hyperlinks in the first third of the review, the bright blue contrasting nicely, though a bit too often, with the white background.

Interestingly (and unfortunately) the concentration of blue reappears in the last third of the review as readers will sadly come to realize that each appearance of a name or film is going to be a hyperlink, the producers of the review apparently not trusting their readers to click on Simon Pegg the first time he appears, let alone the fourth or fifth.

What sinks the review though, is its absolute inability to deal with The World’s End on its own merits, or at the very least, have something new or interesting to say about the trilogy as a whole. Instead, phrases like “Everyone will have their favorite.” This is uninspired work at best, and with such a lackadaisical attitude toward guiding the audience, it’s unlikely to connect with many people.    

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