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Cline’s Cliffhanger in “I Give It a Year Review 2013” Is the Only Misstep

In response to Rich Cline’s 385‑word review of I Give It a Year on

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Rich Cline explains himself very clearly in his piece “I Give It a Year Review 2013”. From time to time he paints such a clear picture with his use of effective comparisons that readers will have no problem visualizing the film in their minds. Sadly, while Cline’s review is a well-crafted piece overall, those picture-painting moments are too few and far between. They only hint at what a magical review this could have been.

Cline tackles the plot and characterizations of this film and keeps the momentum going for about 90% of his review. It’s not until the last paragraph that Cline loses his sight.

Up until that point, Cline uses the tried and true formula of going back and forth between the pros and cons of the film, one after the other, building to an anticipated conclusion. Then something happens. The review ends on a note that is unclear.

It doesn’t ruin his entire review but to change tones at the very end makes it seem like Cline passed away unexpectedly and someone else was hired to write the ending to this review. This lack of consistency is both confusing and frustrating. It was a very unfortunate way to end what was otherwise a stellar review.    

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