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Roger Moore’s “Movie Review: ‘The World’s End’” Lacks Opinion

In response to Roger Moore’s 497‑word review of The World's End on McClatchy-Tribune News Service

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Roger Moore’s “Movie Review: The World’s End” is uninspired plot regurgitation more fit for the back of a DVD case than a review website.

The critic opens by giving us the filmography of the major players, which is a common practice for reviews in this genre. Then, about eighty percent of the piece is dominated by Moore’s play-by-play of the film, most of which comes off as unnecessary and tedious.  

Rather than just letting the reader know the film featured comical dialogue, there are specific quotes and explanations behind the quotes—effectively spoiling those moments in the film. After all, jokes never are as funny the second time.

The reviewers true thoughts never reach the fever pitch needed to sway the reader to seek out or avoid the film. During the climax, when it seems as if he is going to bare his heart and show where he stands on the film, Moore backs off and loses the reader in a cockeyed allusion. The only way to tell how the critic truly feels about the film is a star rating at the end—and even that was a bit ambiguous.

Due to its lack of real insight or strong recommendation, Moore’s treatment is not worth the time required to read it.    

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