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Wesley Morris “Prisoners” Creates Endless Wonder

In response to Wesley Morris’s 1200‑word review of Prisoners on Grantland

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The review “Prisoners” written by Wesley Morris is akin to a seven volume encyclopedia dedicated entirely to the film Prisoners. This review calls to remembrance the film entitled The NeverEnding Story creating a likeness specifically to the continuing nature of both the films and the review.

Morris certainly has a lot to say and makes sure he includes everything in his behemoth work. Needless to say, Morris’ Gravity is not for the faint at heart. It drones forward with a daunting pace and when the march seems to end, the scrolling continues into yet another review.

Granted, this second review centers on another film, however the two are linked by an apparent segway from one to the other. This begs the question of whether the reader is expected to continue the saga into the next review.

If the scrolling continues, there is yet another review after that. They are conveniently broken up by pictures from their respective films, however the length of each is utterly endless.

The presentation therefore suffers from the length of the review because the only eye catching part of this review is the sheer grandeur of a word count. The picture to start this review of Hugh Jackman looking exhausted, frustrated, with maybe a hint of desperation, is exactly how readers will feel at the conclusion of this review.    

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