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Joe Neumaier’s “‘Prisoners,’ Movie Review” Is Hauntingly Clean

In response to Joe Neumaier’s 440‑word review of Prisoners on New York Daily News

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Joe Neumaier’s “‘Prisoners,’ movie review” reads like a grocery list written by a very organized Grandmother. The reader knows what to look for, what might be gotten if the price isn’t too high, and how to quickly dispose of the review once complete.

While this review lacks analytical meat, it provides good plot, character, and cinematography information that evenly praises the film’s themes and merits. There’s a brief, mentally damaged attempt to share too many details with the reader in paragraph four, but otherwise the review is as clean as a ghost’s butt. Neumaier’s style is readable if not exciting, and except for a little format mistake at the end, the review is free from errors.

The presentation of the review covers a wide center space with equally clean font, and the links to the right of the review web-page are reserved for staff written New York Daily News articles, rather than distasteful advertisements.

Neumaier offers steady opinion throughout that obviously rises above the tricky blueprint of critical analysis, which in turn communicates to the reader as a stealthily ethical review. Far from fantastic but exceptionally clean, this is a fine review for movie watchers to read prior to viewing Prisoners at their local theater.    

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