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“Prisoners” by Staci Layne Wilson Lacks Any Character Analysis

In response to Staci Layne Wilson’s 362‑word review of Prisoners on Yahoo! Movies

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The latest by Staci Layne Wilson, “Prisoners’ Movie Review”, is written with strong form but lacks any real character analysis or a nod to the director.

The chilling opening paragraph has visuals that will make one squirm. Early on, one may forget that they are actually reading a review and not looking at a canvas by Frida Kahlo. The critic squeezes an outstanding amount of information in just a few sentences and brings to light the work of the cinematographer, composer and lead actor. It reads well and one will smile with satisfaction.

The following two paragraphs of plot description disappoint because there is little analysis of the film’s characters. The curious reader will look for a small piece of insight to help make their decision on whether to see the film, however they will most likely back away and murmur words of frustration.

The final “wonderful” paragraph focuses on the “wonderful” theme rather than taking a deeper look into the film. Wilson does make her case, and she writes well enough, however the biggest mistake is the complete absence of the director Denis Villenueve. It’s a real tragedy that a review would fail to mention the director.

“Prisoners’ Movie Review” is readable but fails to look beyond the borders.    

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