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Eric D. Snider’s “Movie Review: Gravity” Is a Combination of Words

In response to Eric D. Snider’s 267‑word review of Gravity on

By Eugenius Antonius, Senior Critic

Eric D. Snider will distress and confuse the general public with his weak effort in “Movie Review: Gravity.” The critic appears to not understand that he has loyal fans that demand more.

Review: Gravity opens with a questionable paragraph that attempts space humor, but resembles more of a space-filler. Snider’s writing may inspire a laugh from those easily entertained, however lines such as “That place is terrifying. There’s no air!,” are far from worthy of a stand-up routine at The Laugh Factory. Snider cannot be blamed for trying though. C for Effort.

Snider must have received a phone call while writing Review: Gravity, and accidentally clicked “submit,” because there is nothing other than the basics in the horrendous second paragraph. It’s frustrating to think that Snider would assume a less-than-average plot summary would be acceptable for the audience.

Review: Gravity drops a few truth-bombs on the reader, although one can find the generic information anywhere. Snider offers a brief opinion on the script, and also provides a few words on the 3-D technology. One won’t be moved by the phrasing, however it is something.

Eric Snider disappoints with Review: Gravity, and one can only hope that he is willing to offer more analysis in the future.    

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