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Tony Macklin’s “Prisoners” Review Provides Little Insight

In response to Tony Macklin’s 399‑word review of Prisoners on

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Tony Macklin’s memorable but disappointing work “Prisoners (2013)” has a poetic and lyrical vibe, but not much to say about the film.

Macklin begins strong with crisp and powerful statements, however the staccato-phrasing continues through the entire piece, eventually changing from effective to grating. The critic brings an interesting style to the table, but one may wonder if there is any food worth eating.  

The bright spot about Macklin’s technique is that the piercing words have a way of connecting with readers.  Sadly, they leave little room to expand on actual content. An attempt at humor is made by rhyming words together, however it falls flat and seems pointless.

This strange and bizarre piece of art by Tony Macklin is intriguing, but the reader will be left begging for the critic to expand on his observations. If the acting is not up to par—explain why. The style overrides the character analysis and the overall presentation becomes more difficult to follow as Macklin approaches the end.

“Prisoners (2013)” is frustrating as it appears that Tony Macklin has much to say, and yet leaves much unsaid. His lyrical language only seems to tease the reader. The work is sufficient as the critic covers the main points, however this review is not for those looking for a commentary about the complexities of the film’s characters.    

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