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Allan Hunter’s “Gravity” Is Over Before It Begins

In response to Allan Hunter’s 290‑word review of Gravity on The List

By Rochus Pomponius, Adjunct Critic

You have to hand it to film critic Allan Hunter: he knows how to keep an audience wanting more. At 290 words long, his “Gravity” is barely long enough to qualify as a review. What’s there is well-written enough, but there’s just not enough of it.

“Gravity” hits some important points in discussing the titular science fiction film: comparisons to earlier 3D movies, a brief synopsis of the plot, a nod to the performance of the actors. Then, however, it ends in a series of unsubstantiated superlatives. It’s easy enough to say that a movie is  “technically flawless,” but that’s just too grand a statement to make without somehow supporting it with explanation and evidence.

There’s certainly an audience for a review of this length. Not everyone has the time and attention span to sit through 1,000-word critical analyses. And for those who like their reviews short and sweet, “Gravity” will likely hit the spot. It would even work without its accompanying rating system, which is a rarity for a review this short. For those looking for a genuine in-depth review of the film, though, “Gravity” will likely feel more like an appetizer than a full meal.    

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Rochus Pomponius joins the Existimatum staff after a celebrated career as a court jester and the personal entertainer of Emperor Trajan. His studies in rhetoric inform his assessments.