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Beifuss’ “The World’s End’—A Review” Pretty to Look At, Pity to Read

In response to John Beifuss’s 902‑word review of The World's End on Commercial Appeal (Memphis, TN)

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John Beifuss’ “The World’s End‘—A Review: Close Encounters of the Inebriated Kind” is a poorly composed and poorly formatted submission.

Beifuss’ words lack rhythm because they are broken up by movie stills (10 in total). Sometimes they work together with what Beifuss is describing but in this review, the pictures are just an overkill. Quantity over quality is never the way to go.

Breaking up the word flow so often will cause readers to quickly lose interest. There are some glimmers of good thoughts that appear but they are quickly snuffed out by having to constantly look at more pictures. You may start to suspect that John Beifuss is the pen name of Nick Frost’s proud grandmother.

Readers who dare to brave this review will have to face a massacre of spoilers. Beifuss breaks open this movie, from the beginning all the way to the climax itself. He all but dictates word for word what is said at the end.

Beifuss is an apparent fan of using quotation marks to make his points stand out more. These attempts to clarify himself just lead back into the spoiler cycle that is the crux of this review.

Readers are advised to steer clear of this review. That is, unless they are completely on board with knowing the ins and outs of the film before having even seen it.     

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