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Chris Tilly’s “Balls to the Wall” Kicks Its Own Ass

In response to Chris Tilly’s 1179‑word review of Kick-Ass 2 on IGN Movies

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Chris Tilly’s “Balls to the Wall”  is refreshing, in that it’s the first review where the word “balls” are mentioned. Which is more amusing than the rest of the rather hum-drum review Tilly submitted.

Another introduction into the “Sigh, Kick-Ass 1 was great, wasn’t it?” canon, Tilly’s mechanical review rolls out with all the gusto of a late English finale.  

Here comes the plot round up! Look here! There’s a character analysis! An argument about sequels needing to be bigger and better than the original? No, seriously! It’s all there!

Oddly, there’s a gentle affection in Tilly’s review. The review goes from humdrum to engaging because Tilly is picking up steam as he comes to the conclusion that the movie is entertainment.

The dismissal of the high school drama that acts as a counterpoint to the film is poorly executed, however, since it’s a weak comparison at best. But he rebounds by discussing the actual fight sequences. He handles these like a seasoned pro, able to keep his writing focused on what makes the movie tick.

While his clear understanding of the purpose of the film is refreshing, it is unfortunately not enough to carry the otherwise bland and lifeless review to any impressive heights.    

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