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Viner’s “The World’s End: It’s a Bar-Mageddon!” Tries Way Too Hard

In response to Brian Viner’s 685‑word review of The World's End on Daily Mail [UK]

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In Brian Viner’s “The World’s End: It’s a Bar-Mageddon! Beer, pals and killer aliens—Simon Pegg and Nick Frost’s new film is a fun night out,” a gang of words clutter the title and try, with only partial success, to prove that brevity is the soul of wit.

That is the story of Viner’s review, an attempt at parodying that cherished and venerable form of art called the movie review.  

Welcome to the usual format, directors and actors are listed, and all the normal beats appear in their normal order. The clue to the review’s theme is in the title: it’s too long. Viner’s a formidable talent, and could be convincing as a master reviewer who reluctantly found time to squeeze one more piece of art off his easel.

The breadth of the review, like the title, gets the better of Viner in many ways. His editing team, which does a remarkable job with embedded photos, must have Karsh looking down with celestial approval.  Sad that the picture is the best part of the review.  

Delight and surprise are not to be found here. The lack of any actual humorous banter to engage the reader into the subject mater is both unfortunate and unappealing. For all its flaws, though, Viner’s review is fun, though not as appealing as it should be. It’s never a strong start when the title is the worst part, making the rest of the review a hard sell.    

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