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Bilge Ebiri Reaches Into the Soul in “Undercut”

In response to Bilge Ebiri’s 820‑word review of Romeo and Juliet on Vulture

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The penetrating words of Bilge Ebiri will grasp your soul in his latest cerebral treat “Romeo and Juliet Is Undercut by Its Romeo and Juliet.”

Undercut is a game-changer as far as visual presentation. At the top of the web page is a bold image header that captures all the trials and tribulations of young love. Emotional hook? Check.  The presentation of the text in Undercut is carefully presented without any razzle dazzle on the sides. It says, “This piece of art has been carefully crafted for you, dear reader, all for you.” The effect is crisp and clear. The critic even squeezes in his last name before the title which is a nice subliminal effect.

Undercut begins with a paragraph that not only exudes great intellect, but also employs fun wordplay that will make one chuckle. Ebiri will please with the entertaining combination of styles. One may even visualize the classic masks of Tragedy and Comedy.

Ebiri is direct and respectful in Undercut. Everyone knows the basics of the Shakespeare tale. The critic is successful by making a clear statement on the leads, and backing up his argument with a variety of examples.

One will feel enlightened after Eberi’s excellent examination of the lead performances in Undercut, and also feel a sense of warmth during the hilarious commentary on “Snarling Actor Syndrome.” The critic transitions nicely from heavy-duty criticism to pleasant comedian.

Undercut will be a massive success due to the endearing style of Bilge Ebiri. He displays a strong understanding of his audience’s needs, and delivers with smarts and style.    

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