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David Kaplan Says Juliet Isn’t That Beautiful in “Juliet & Kaplan”

In response to David Kaplan’s 508‑word review of Romeo and Juliet on Kaplan vs. Kaplan

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Jeanne and David Kaplan demand a perfect Juliet in their latest tag-team effort “ROMEO & JULIET—Kaplan vs Kaplan.”

JULIET—Kaplan will have audiences gasping with the superb and poetic prose of the two critics, however the visual presentation will make one wish for a web page of classic beauty. The tiny header image over white seems a bit wimpy, and not suitable for the general consumer of reviews.

JULIET—Kaplan begins with Jeanne’s take, and her opening statement is clear and direct. The critic breaks down the high standards of a successful Juliet, and offers her readers a bold commentary on chemistry.  

Jeanne closes out her section of JULIET—Kaplan with pure elegance by noting the visuals and music, while maintaining her original argument about what makes a successful adaptation. A typo in the last sentence may be offensive to some, but by the time it actually arrives, most audience members will already be sold.

David writes with a frustration in JULIET—Kaplan that can be felt in one’s heart. The critic’s distaste with the performance of Juliet is devastating, and we can only wish him the best, and hope for a successful recovery.

JULIET—Kaplan is not essential reading, although it is written with heart and honesty.    

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