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Stella Papamichael’s “‘The World’s End’ Review” Is a Yawn Riot

In response to Stella Papamichael’s 579‑word review of The World's End on Digital Spy

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Under the official full name of “‘The World’s End‘ review: Pegg, Frost and Wright go out with a bang,” Stella Papamichael’s jaunt into “how the movie should have been made” land is a festival of boring wrapped in jolting grammatical miscues.

The review opens up with a pop-up ad displaying one of those misleading pictures meant to get you to click and give them your social security number or some such. After battling the trappings of a consumerist world, the reader is slathered with a messy guessing game of a review always wondering what word Papamichael meant to use instead of her typo.

Heavy on descriptions of the film, the critic doesn’t know when to stop once she gets on a roll and makes the mistake of revealing too much. In fact, the most coherent descriptions this reviewer made were spoilers.

Throughout the description, she tempers any positives with criticism, leaving the reader unaware until the very end of the review whether or not she liked the film. In the end, she gives a conditional recommendation.

Unlike the author, who is on the fence most of the time, readers can be confident as to the outcome of this review.  Out with a bang is not worthy of a positive recommendation.    

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