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Review by Jim Schembri “The World’s End” a Must-Read Before the Apocalypse

In response to Jim Schembri’s 159‑word review of The World's End on 3AW

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“The World’s End,” a rhythmical piece of reviewer masterpiece by Jim Schembri, seamlessly croons its readers into a short and sweet burst of cinematic analysis. Beginning with a jump into a soft play of alliteration, the reader can dance among the mild one-sentence summary without any fear of a misplaced note.

Schembri effortlessly uses a meager fifty-two words to lead the reader from a punching plot overview into an enlightening upsurge of analysis. Throwing in delicious verbs for the reader to devour, this analysis becomes a “score” for the senses.

With the conclusion of the piece, the reader is left with a gentle hum of contentment. The last line, still echoing in the mind of the audience, soaking into their bloodstream like an infectious disease of happiness, a deep sigh of relief escapes them as if to say, “Finally, a review I can read.”

Something solid. Something tangible. Something so real that women will weep at his precious candor. Men will nod in approval. Children will write letters of admiration. All further proving the perfection in this concise elaboration into “The World’s End”. One hundred and fifty-one words of utter bliss. May these phrases and verbage be ingrained in our retinas forever.    

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