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Caryn James’ “Hugh Jackman and...In Surprising ’Prisoners’” Is Deft

In response to Caryn James’s 560‑word review of Prisoners on James on screenS

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Caryn James’ “Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal In Surprising ‘Prisoners’” doesn’t waste words or the reader’s time. With an excellent picture that heads the review and a compelling first paragraph, the reader gets a strong feeling that this reviewer is adequately focused on the movie at hand.

The layout offers a trailer scene, and the presentation does not succumb to the outlandish advertisements that so often distract reading attention.

James also writes in short paragraphs and nice font with very readable style, making it a gem in a world of reviews that employ excessive verbiage and clunky exposition.

She provides the scene setting, a nice run-down of the characters, and a brief but fitting explanation about the director and other films. The review does not give away anything that would spoil the movie for even the most discerning movie watcher.

Just when you think James is going to fall into a rampant loop of back-and-forth criticism, she cinches it all up and makes an insightful point. By the end of the review, James has given a good set of compelling evidence for why Prisoners is worth watching and why it doesn’t fit into its marketing box. The reader is then left with a much better sense of why or why not to watch the film. It’s a tremendous success.    

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