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Randall King’s “Prisoners” Review Offers References but Little Insight

In response to Randall King’s 516‑word review of Prisoners on Winnipeg Free Press

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The latest and greatest from Winnipeg’s Randall King, “Quebec director, big-name cast deliver, but bloated thriller tests audience’s patience”, offers insight on other films, but not the main subject.

The opening statements are intriguing as they cover the background of director Denis Villenueve, however the exploration of the dark themes is weakened by a sure-to-be controversial remark by King.  The critic mentions that the reader will never want to see the director’s films again after viewing. The statement may provide a chuckle for most, as King is joking, but there is potential for a nasty backfire, and it’s just not an appealing comment in general.

King’s plot description is thin, and the analysis is also  flailing in the wind. Once the main themes are discussed, King continues to address the previous work of the director, which could have been a good move, but ultimately the critic spends few words on the movie as a stand-alone. Perhaps another two paragraphs would muscle up this respectable review.

“Quebec director, big-name cast deliver, but bloated thriller tests audience’s patience” is enjoyable to read at times when the critic’s knowledge shines through, however there is an absence of a deeper examination into the main characters, and what makes them tick. Instead King focuses on the thematic structures and how they compare to the past work of the director. This is the work of a fine film scholar but is unlikely to connect with the casual audience.  For all its limited appeal, for those interested in meaty discussions that incorporate broader topics, this might be a nice entry to check out.    

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