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Chris Carpenter’s “Drinking Buddies” Sputters and Stalls

In response to Fr. Chris Carpenter’s 296‑word review of The World's End on Movie Dearest

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Chris Carpenter’s “Reverend’s Reviews: Bottoms Up” tackles Drinking Buddies and The World End in a double feature. The beer-tinged alcohol related puns get old quick, and the less-than-stellar reviews are less informative and more synoptic.

The booze-centric review haplessly limps about in the laziest way possible. Considering what amounts to a paragraph’s worth of actual review, one might wonder what spiritous influence Mr. Carpenter may have been under during its writing.

Short? Yes. To the point? Not so much.

After an enduring synopsis which makes up the majority of the review; the author briefly mentions editing and something about the film being too long. But by this point the review is about 3 sentences from concluding, so the brief mention ends up sounding more like an inebriated afterthought.

There are several mindless suggestions on the part of our reviewer, such as “if excessive drinking can help restore civilization, count me in,” which adds little or no value or humor to the review, other than perhaps to reveal the reviewer’s current tipsy state of mind. Then again, crippling alcoholism is pretty hilarious—just look at Dudley Moore as Arthur.

It would be safe to say that this review is about as useful as handing somebody chopsticks for a bowl of ice-cream. Which in hindsight, would be a pretty inconsiderate thing to do.     

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