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Steve Newall’s “Review: The World’s End” Is Short and Powerful

In response to Steve Newall’s 287‑word review of The World's End on

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The modern film review can often be full of style and content, but devoid of quality. Steve Newall’s latest work initially showed signs of falling into this camp, but the author proceeded to pack a punch of high quality razor-sharp observations and direct style. It is everything you are looking for when your time is limited and desire a beautiful film review experience.

In Newall’s well-crafted, tight and intelligent composition,  he covers the key areas that a reader would want to know about, and makes the review engaging in three succinct paragraphs.

In the first, he brings the players to life and notes that the film is “the best work they’ve committed to screen”. Newall moves on the describe the influence of director Wright and explain the plot in brief, powerful sentences.

One may wish to learn more, but the author provides every key reason why the film is a must-see in the final, beautiful paragraph. Steve Newall’s crisp style will bring a smile to your face, and although you may be left wanting more, he makes certain that you will keep coming back with his sensational composition. Newall is truly a master of his craft.    

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