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Gerald Peary’s “Artfully Defying” Is a 5-Star Gem of Annoyance

In response to Gerald Peary’s 367‑word review of Gravity on Arts Fuse

By Marcus Julianus, Associate Critic

Gerald Peary brings a cutesy tone to his latest, “Fuse Film Review: Artfully Defying Gravity”. The reader will likely feel ten years old again, and not in a good way. The good news is, the unpleasant experience doesn’t last that long.

Artfully Defying is a modern marvel of exclamation points. Peary brings the funny, or rather attempts to, in the lackluster opening paragraph. He makes a clear statement, however it would likely fit in better towards the end.

Peary shows a tiny bit of potential in the second paragraph, but fails to bring anything substantial to the table, especially with phrases like “superb parts” and “long, long poetic takes. “ 

Artfully Defying is a perfect “review” if one wants to know what Gerald Peary likes, however his failure to bring any original thoughts to the table is completely devastating. Instead, the reader is given insight such as “yucky” and “neat.” The playful tone was endearing at first, but by the end of the review it all feels like a waste of time.

There is an attempt at a plot summary, but it comes across as a young child’s rambling thoughts. One will scratch their head and contemplate if they are being Punk‘d.

Artfully Defying is truly a disaster of a review.    

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Marcus Julianus was born and raised in Byzantium, where he spent his youth herding goats and making cheese. As a gatekeeper of the review world, Marcus offers his background in poetry and drama to opine on the work of the film critics.