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Todd Gilchrist’s “‘Prisoners’ Review...” Is a Red Herring

In response to Todd Gilchrist’s 616‑word review of Prisoners on The Wrap

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Todd Gilchrist’s “‘Prisoners’ Review: Smart Thriller Kidnapped by Red Herrings” pretends to be complex, but it has no substantive value whatsoever for the reader. The first sentence comprises a dizzying array of strewn words that foretell the grim fate of the entire review.

While the review doesn’t give the entire plot away, it definitely reveals far too much for the potential movie watcher. Gilchrist seems wholly unable to reconcile what he think about the movie, and he never gives the reader a clear indication as to whether or not Prisoners is a good movie worth watching.

Plus, due to the unsightly links posted in-between the paragraphs of the review, the presentation of the review is nearly as confused as its writer.

The syntax issues riddling this review would spook a 5th grade English teacher.   There’s a self-seriousness to Gilchrist’s writing so profound that he obviously got too caught up to edit for basic style and grammar, even in the review’s not-so-grand finale.

This review does not communicate logically to the reader and refuses to offer an opinion.   It is a cautionary tale for up-and-coming reviewers to learn from, and a prime example of a writer who only thinks he knows how to use metaphors effectively.    

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