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Pete Hammond’s “Prisoner’s Movie Review” Is a Cliche Driven Compliment-Fest

In response to Pete Hammond’s video review of Prisoners on Movieline

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Pete Hammond’s “Prisoner’s Movie Review” is shallow at best, and makes the mistake of assuming compliments are the equivalent of actual critiquing.

Hammond doesn’t say a lot about the film’s quality he just sort of says that it’s good and he likes it. He doesn’t say much about the events that take place in the film which is a great thing in and of itself but the problem remains that he doesn’t provide any supportive content to substantiate his claims of why this film is good or not.

Saying that the director and the cinematographer do a “great job” is a cop  out. You’ll be asking why these two are deserving of praise throughout this review as vague and nebulous adjectives are thrown around and embellished upon.

The setup is passable. There’s the standard critic in a movie theater getup that you’d expect and there are nice little cuts to the film sprinkled throughout to breakup the monotony of the overly courteous “review” (if you can even call it that.)

The case for watching Pete Hammond’s “Prisoner’s Movie Review” is a difficult one to argue.  If this were called a preview than it would be different and one could be more forgiving.  The fact is, Hammond’s critique is only surface level. He never goes quite as deep as he should, and this  fact is what ultimately makes his review thoroughly skippable.    

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