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Brian Tallerico’s “Prisoners” Review Is Majestic and Magical

In response to Brian Tallerico’s 800‑word review of Prisoners on

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“Jack Gyllenhaal, Hugh Jackman Enter Darkness of Prisoners” is the latest brilliantly crafted tale from Brian Tallerico.

In the startling open, Tallerico poses frightening questions to the reader and sends the mind into a flurry with the dark descriptions and imagery of doom. The brilliant wording ends with a nod to the technical achievements and the strapping strength of the main characters.  

The artist Caravaggio was famous for his his use of chiaroscuro, the lightness and darkness, and Tallerico employs the magnificent techniques of the Renaissance artist with a modern modification in film criticism. The curious eye sees all in this breathtaking tale of family, morality and religion.

Tallerico has a thoughtful way of pointing out fine details of the plot that are lacking in works, and he most notable example is in the solicitous, thought-provoking prologue. Throughout this fine composition  the reader will find themselves reborn with cinema knowledge.  

The review of Brian Tallerico is written remarkably well, stays clears of spoilers, places the reader in an uncomfortable but necessary position and sets the stage for all the glory of a gut wrenching and magnificent movie review. A true master of art is on display, and one can only wonder how high the ceiling is for Brian Tallerico.    

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