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Taylor’s “SXSW Review: ‘I Give It a Year’” Insightful and Well-Written

In response to Drew Taylor’s 904‑word review of I Give It a Year on The Playlist

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Its nice to see a read a searing review sometimes. In Drew Taylor’s “SXSW Review: ‘I Give It A Year’ Is A Woefully Inept Deconstruction Of Romantic Comedies” it is painfully obvious --based on the opening paragraph alone—that our reviewer disliked almost every single millisecond that the movie was on.

Taylor doesn’t hesitate in going straight for the jugular and does so in a matter of fact sort of way. He tears down everything from the way that the film maker advances the story down to the utter contempt that many audience members will have for the main characters after the film has cease and desisted.

The sad part is there is a sense that the film missed the boat and truly could have been special in a genre deconstructing sense but instead Taylor feels like much of that potential is wasted on bad jokes and cliched plot points.

This is an insightful and well-written review. Drew talks to the audience in a slightly highbrow tone but not to the extent much where you will question whether or not this is a scholarly journal. If there were any silver linings in the film Taylor manages to bring them back down to a nice dull shade of grey.

His review of I Give It A Year isn’t unnecessarily caustic and in fact there is almost a sense of regret as the film could have truly stood out. However, don’t let its slightly lenient sentiments fool you. It is biting and incisive; it get to the point even if the read is a bit long in the tooth.    

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