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Ken Hanke Wails on in “Review: Romeo” but Can’t Quite Back It Up

In response to Ken Hanke’s 697‑word review of Romeo and Juliet on Mountain Xpress (Asheville, NC)

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Ken Hanke will interest the masses with his personal tale of a theater experience gone bad, but how long can one listen to a rant without providing sufficient backup? Find out in “Movie Review: Romeo & Juliet.”

One will be absolutely astonished by the visual presentation of Review: Romeo. The four visuals is a radical idea, and Hanke must be applauded for pushing the limits in world of reviews.  

The opening of Review: Romeo begins with “True Story: ,” and one will quiver with anticipation. Some may be reminded of the great Roberto Bolano who was known to start stories in the same fashion, and they are indeed frightening. The power of disappointment is on full display in the first paragraph, and the reader will silently wait to witness an all out assault on the film.

What transpires is Ken Hanke ranting on without composing himself, and thinking of the reader’s needs. One will learn of other films, and how great the critic’s references can be, but not so much about the actual performances of Romeo or Juliet. In fact, the leads are acknowledged in three brief sentences. The criticism is more snark than substance, which encapsulates the entirety of Review: Romeo.

Review: Romeo is an interesting tale, but it comes across as someone who ranted to Siri on the iPhone coming out of the theater. The reader demands a full analysis, rather than a snarky take on the worst parts.    

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