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Keith Uhlich’s “Prisoners: Movie Review (R)” Offers Firm Criticism

In response to Keith Uhlich’s 615‑word review of Prisoners on Time Out New York

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Keith Uhlich’s “Prisoners: movie review (R)” is adeptly written and logical. Once the reader gets past two ludicrous pop-up ads, the presentation of the review is quite clean, acceptable, and free from page distractions.

Uhlich gets straight to the point right from the beginning of the review, and he skillfully stays there with a consistent style of critical writing that is sure to engage the reader.

With witty reasoning, solid opinions, a few well-executed metaphors, and a dash of verbal humor, Uhlich’s review is an excellent read. He dives head-first into contextualizing some of the religious and political undertones of the film, which ultimately make a great deal of sense to the reader.

He further shares a lot of insightful information about the characters and mood of the film, yet he balances this lofty disclosure by not revealing too much of the plot to potential movie watchers.

It’s obvious that Uhlich is an expert at what he does, yet he doesn’t fall prey to the head-slapping pretentiousness that so often marks the work of accomplished reviewers who are full of themselves.

This review is a prime example of readable pro forma analysis rather than impassioned diatribe, making it an excellent choice for potential movie watchers to read prior to seeing Prisoners.

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