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Frank Swietek’s “WORLD’S END, THE” Ponders What’s Beneath

In response to Frank Swietek’s 652‑word review of The World's End on One Guy's Opinion

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Dr. Frank Swietek’s review, “WORLD’S END, THE,” seeks to look past the face value of the film as a spoof to explore the serious side of what Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg have created. It is clear to see that Swietek views the film as a study in nostalgia for the days of youth and reconciling the incapability one has in returning to that time period after reaching middle age.

Swietek understands that this is a hard feat for a comedic spoof to tackle—the balance between the laughs and the ultimate meaning of recapturing younger years can be heavy at times but he gives kudos to the crew for trying. His wrestle with the film’s themes fails to be as interesting as the filmmaker’s wrestle that he describes.  

Swietek acknowledges what the film is attempting to do but he also states its shortcomings in producing both a funny and introspective film. His review leaves readers with the impression that while the film could have been better, it was not the worse therefore, it still deserves a view.

For those moviegoers undecided on watching the film or not, Sweitek’s review will sway them towards seeing it but with a bit of reluctance attached as well. He urges readers to see the film not solely based on its own merits but as an opportunity to say goodbye to the trilogy and the nostalgia attached to it.


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