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“The World’s End” Is an Insightful and Classy Composition

In response to Jordan Hoffman’s 809‑word review of The World's End on ScreenCrush

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Jordan Hoffman brings the heat with his latest remarkable review, “‘The World’s End’ Review.” The structure is engaging from the start, and insights into the early plot points are well written as Hoffman dives into the cinematic past. The author then delves into the world of the main character Gary King, and reflects on existential themes which may come as a surprise to those who think the film is all about gags and laughs.

Hoffman’s cinematic expertise is easy to recognize and he poetically analyzes the past films of Edgar Wright and connects them with the present. The author’s thoughts are rich with the flavor of film, and bring the reader back to their childhoods to remind us all of our own friends along the lines of Gary King.

End’ Review is intelligent, in-depth and quite funny. Hoffman is keen to note that if one is not careful, the jokes may blow right over the head of the viewer as they come with fury. One can only smile after experiencing a gut-busting cinematic adventure, and what a feeling it is to feel the joy of Hoffman’s classic review in the same spirit. This piece of work comes straight from a modern master.    

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