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Ian Buckwalter’s “‘Prisoners’ of a Story” Is Bound to Enlighten

In response to Ian Buckwalter’s 754‑word review of Prisoners on NPR

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With “‘Prisoners’ Of A Story, Bound By That Devil Subtext,”  Ian Buckwalter proves himself to be a critic of the highest caliber. His descriptions are so vivid, his opinion so compelling that the reader can’t help but be swept in the proceedings, feeling like he or she is sitting right there with Buckwalter at a special screening Prisoners, reading off of his notes by the light of a cell phone screen.

The visuals in “‘Prisoners’ Of A Story” are stark and minimalistic: an establishing shot before the body of the review, a thumbnail image off to the side about halfway through. It’s enough to give the reader something to look at besides text, but not so much that becomes intrusive.

The easy-to-read font and uncluttered layout combine to form an immersive experience, really letting the reader focus on what’s important.

Throughout the review, Buckwalter leaves the reader guessing what the final outcome will be, whether he will declare the movie a success or a dud. He gives evidence of both, and when he finally makes plain his final judgement, it is surprising without being a cheap shock.

All the evidence was there, the reader just had to follow the trail. This is the hallmark of a critic who is both skilled and self-assured. “‘Prisoners’ Of A Story” is surely one of the best Prisoners reviews in recent memory.    

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