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William Goss’s “Review: ‘The World’s End’” Steals the Humor of the Movie and Runs With It

In response to William Goss’s 700‑word review of The World's End on

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If Mr. Goss hadn’t been a film critic, he’d make a fine comedian. That being said, the reviewing world’s lucky to have him.

He’s either done thorough research on this film or else has sufficient acquaintance with it in the past to make an admirable review—either way, admirable hallmarks of a man in his career. The text of “Review: ‘The World’s End’” reads as a jab to something, but certainly not to the movie itself, for he has nothing but praise to ladle towards it.

It’s a statement and a movie guide all in one—entertainment simply cannot put a price on that in this day and age.

And besides the humorous text, this critic also does a fine job at advising the reader on who this film appeals to and why, as well as providing interesting snippets of the film that in no way destracts from the point nor spoil the movie.

He supplies references to similarities and differences from the director’s other films in order to create a synopsis of the plot without giving away it in its entirety.

In honesty, this critic is a film lover’s type—especially fans of this one and those of a similar genre. He connects with his audience with an awareness of who he’s writing to and what they care about. One can only hope he applies this to all of his reviews, for it’s a brilliant ploy.    

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