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James Verniere’s “Plan Your… ‘Prisoners’” Is Spoiled Rotten

In response to James Verniere’s 458‑word review of Prisoners on Boston Herald

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James Verniere’s “Plan your escape from ‘Prisoners’” is a well-written, extremely negative, plot-spoiling slog of a movie review akin to a local weirdo who spouts-off conspiracy theories like they’re nothing.

Verniere begins the review with sarcastic humor that is very engaging, and it’s clear he knows how to write in a personable—and sometimes all together down-home—manner. His writing skills are used in this instance to completely bash Prisoners of any merit whatsoever. For potential movie watchers looking for a little positive, or at the least, balanced opinions, they won’t find any at all lurking within this review.

The last paragraph of the review wreaks of a complete plot-spoiler, and by the end, the reader is left feeling like a captive prisoner of Verniere’s review. No matter how much his opinion is backed-up or rooted to the core of his critical being, this reviewer should not play judge and executioner of the film to the extent that he irrevocably spoils it for all potential movie watchers. Like a grindhouse exploitation scene, the reader has no hope of wiping-off  Verniere’s sticky spoils.

Verniere consistently offers humor, but no amount of witty writing makes up for this reviewer’s plot-spoiling: readers be forewarned, and avoid this review!   

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