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Moore’s “Movie Review: I Give It a Year” Embodies Finesse

In response to Roger Moore’s 507‑word review of I Give It a Year on McClatchy-Tribune News Service

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Roger Moore delivers a hard-knocking review full of truthful insights in “Movie Review: I Give It a Year.” Moore doesn’t waste space with superfluous language or random tangents. Rather, he supports his critical analysis with plenty of logic, bolstered by specific examples.

He chooses not to make blind accusations against the film. Instead, he has crafted a very classy review. He makes his points and engages in a very interesting debate. The pivotal issue of the review is whether or not this film belongs in the romantic comedy genre.

Moore’s writing has an heir of finesse to it. It takes the reader from Point A to Point B and introduces them to the characters in this film, as well as a short rendition of the plot. Rather than being maliciously blunt, Moore’s vocabulary reads with a more gentle complexity that sets this write-up apart from the average, every day review.

There is no puzzle to solve here—Moore places each piece where it belongs and thus, the audience is given a magnificent picture to admire—or in this case, read. Its mid-size length will make it accessible to fans of both casual reads and meatier reviews and both camps are sure to leave feeling satisfied.    

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