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David Edelstein’s “Invasion of the Pub Crawlers” Is Teasingly Pleasing

In response to David Edelstein’s 1278‑word review of The World's End on New York Magazine

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You know you’re in for a good time when a movie reviewer points out that the film’s director is “a funny combination of wanker and warrior.” Who doesn’t want to ultimately see into which camp the resulting final feature boisterously lands?

Which is why David Edelstein’s delightfully practical review of the British black comedy The World’s End left me searching for my car keys so I could get to the movie theatre in time to buy my discounted twilight ticket.

Edelstein judiciously doles out calculated amounts of intrigue, stratagem, and plot to take us just far enough into the world of director Edgar Wright’s ensemble cast. He successfully hints that we get to go drinking with these dudes, without having to endure the hangover in the morning.

Hitting the high notes of the film without giving anything away, Edelstein fully admits that he acquiesced to director Wright’s hand-signed note in the press kit to NOT give away any plot twists or cameo guest star appearances—even though he very badly wanted to. Very classy.

So if you like your reviews teasingly pleasing, without full frontal crudity and plot giveaways, read David Edelstein’s “Invasion of the Pub Crawlers”. You’ll be crawling out of your skin waiting for his next review.    

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