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Greg Evans Embraces Negativity Wholeheartedly in “Sparks Fly”

In response to Greg Evans’s 274‑word review of The World's End on Bloomberg News

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Greg Evans & Craig Seligman team up once again to bring their readers “Sparks Fly in ‘Grandmaster’; ‘World’s End’; ‘Next’: Film.” The effort follows the duo’s established format in which m0vies are reviewed one after the other as the authors take turns helming each review individually. It thankfully gives a unique voice to each review, though the work as a whole shares authorship.

This is all the more important when the work arrives at The World’s End. Evans takes the wheel and creates a work that, while quite short, brings a unique, and often hilarious, point of view to the table.

Evans doesn’t shy away from making his review extremely personal. The review is all about him. For once, this works perfectly. Evans is so self-aware in his dissent that you almost start pulling for him against all odds. The way he describes himself as he approaches the film is the highlight of this memorable work.

What may surprise most audiences is how balanced the work feels, how fair it is, in spite of its contrarion, and mostly negative outlook. In spite of its brevity, Evan’s portion of Sparks Fly is well-thought out, carefully approached, and rings of sincerity and a professional approach.

If you feel like embracing your inner sourpuss, or just enjoy reading the words of those who have, Greg Evans will provide your daily fix.    

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